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  • Make server backups that are simple, reliable and affordable to Tape, REV, Disk, NAS, DVD, FTP and more. Fully functional system includes scheduling, media rotation, notification, reminders, and the ability to execute custom scripts.

    Whats new in version 10.0.0:
    Backup Verification:
    • 18091 Allow cancellation of backup verification
    • 19045 Fix verification of file archiving backup to password protected NAS (GMC_BA-1040, GMC_BA-0721)
    • 19048 Fix verification of encrypted Rsync backups (GMC_BA-0723, GMC_BA-1038)
    • 19226 Fix quick restore simulation of incremental file archiving backups (GMC_BA-1045)
    • 18900 Skip verification of system protection backup if VHD driver is not available
    • 18899 Fix full restore simulation from iSCSI on SBS 2008
    • 18985 Fix Hyper-V validation errors on Server 2012 R2 (GMC_BA-1035, GMC_BA-0716)
    • 18969 Fix BA4940 seen on some System Protection backups with Restore Simulation enabled
    • 18811 Make Hyper-V guest verification more efficient (GMC_BA-0725)
    • 19026 Fixed Hyper-V validation error due to slow iSCSI device
    • 19355 Fix file replication verification when .catalogue folder is backed up
    • 19302 Fix verification of files in System Volume Information folder Hyper-V GRC:
    • 19127 Fix errors...

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